Pumpkin Blocks

I saw this cute pumpkin craft on You Craft Me UP and had to make one! I wasn't able to get the wire cheap so I used ribbon instead. I used my Silhouette SD for the vinyl. I don't have a saw so I needed the wood cut in the store. Lowe's claims that no one in town will cut a 4 x 4, only 2's. So I went to Home Depot, wasn't a problem at all. They were so nice about it.

We had a lot of fun on this project, my husband even helped!! The kids and I sanded and painted. I'm also impressed with myself that it only took 1 week for me to finish from start to finish!! Now, to finish my Halloween wreath.....

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Jennifer Rose said...

Love the wooden pumpkins!! I'm a Home Depot person myself. I get most of my wood and supplies there instead of Lowe's.