Tsue ~ That's What She Said: Award Winning Plasma Car for Kids ~ Taking The Pow...

Tsue ~ That's What She Said: Award Winning Plasma Car for Kids ~ Taking The Pow...: As one who grew up with Big Wheels, four wheeled metal rollerskates, the ones that gyrated you to your core and made that horrible nois...


No Heat Curls--Super Easy!

I have always had a hard time curling my hair. I have very thick hair and no patience to do it! Though, I love the look! I recently found this YouTube video showing an easy no heat curl. I tried this and seriously in 1 hour my hair was curly! Too bad I recently cut all my hair short or else it would have worked better. I didn't have a head band so I just took some elastic and sewed the ends together. I love this easy way to get a cute look!


Halloween Wreath

 I saw a similar wreath on Etsy, but I wasn't able to pay $50 for something I know I can make under $5. I simply wrapped the yarn around a straw wreath, used my Silhouette SD to cut the black fabric house and  bats and put them onto felt. Super easy!


Transformer Halloween Bucket

My friend wanted to make her son a Transformers Halloween bucket. She found the image and I scanned it on my Silhouette SD and cut it in vinyl. Turned out awesome!!


Pumpkin Blocks

I saw this cute pumpkin craft on You Craft Me UP and had to make one! I wasn't able to get the wire cheap so I used ribbon instead. I used my Silhouette SD for the vinyl. I don't have a saw so I needed the wood cut in the store. Lowe's claims that no one in town will cut a 4 x 4, only 2's. So I went to Home Depot, wasn't a problem at all. They were so nice about it.

We had a lot of fun on this project, my husband even helped!! The kids and I sanded and painted. I'm also impressed with myself that it only took 1 week for me to finish from start to finish!! Now, to finish my Halloween wreath.....


Cars, Trucks and Teething Rings: The First Years: Brag Badge & True Fit Recline Car...

Cars, Trucks and Teething Rings: The First Years: Brag Badge & True Fit Recline Car...: "I seem to 'Facebook' all of my baby's firsts. With our busy days, I never remember to put them on the baby calendar or even the regular cal..."


Hear me Roar!!

Shirt I made my little guy to go with his 3 year old attitude!! 
This was my first time using the heat transfer on the Silhouette. I love the crisp cut lines. I'm so impressed by the way it turned out I have to get busy making more!


Harry Potter

Harry Potter Book cake I made for a friends little boy. All buttercream.

Happy Easter Little Critter

My son is huge into Mercer Mayer's Little Critter books. Since he was 2 he'd run around the library saying "I want Mercer Mayer." Seriously! So I have been wanting to make a Little Critter cake for some time.


Paper Watch

My little boy has been bugging me to get him a watch so he can be "like daddy." So I wanted to try to make one on my Silhouette SD. Though, a paper watch won't last long it was nice to get some practice on my Silhouette. It was good practice for grouping, welding and print/cut. Plus my son loved it! And he's been so careful with it that it hasn't broke yet.


Sew Serendipity

I finally finished my skirt! I have a habit of getting really excited to start a project and when they don't go my way, I put them on hold! I found this really cool book Sew Serendipity. It comes with 3 patterns and 18 different ways to use them. I have always eyed things and never used patterns before, so it was a little frustrating because I ended up making the skirt way too big, then I left it for 2 months until I picked it up again. I wasn't so sure how I'd like it with 3different crazy patterns but I love it now!


St Patrick's Day

I've been so busy getting ready to fly back home to Idaho that I didn't even realize that we will be gone for St. Patrick's Day. I love celebrating the holidays with fun little crafts. I have been eying this cute pot of gold idea from It Is What It Is for some time, now I'm sad we won't be able to make it. So hopefully you can. Go to her site HERE to download the tag for free.  


Valentine Roses

I LOVE my Silhouette SD machine. This morning the kids and I made these 3D roses and this cute little card for daddy while he was away at class. This was the first time he had ever receved flowers;-) and he can keep these forever!  I wish I had zoomed in on the little tiny heart on the bottom. It says, "for u" in tiny print. This machine is so awesome! It can cut the smallest details!


A must watch Movie

This week we got Ramona and Beezus from Netflix. I watched it twice! It is the most adorable family movie. It's funny, smart and clean! I loved it! I want this for my birthday (wink wink hubby).

Here's the preview: