Sew Serendipity

I finally finished my skirt! I have a habit of getting really excited to start a project and when they don't go my way, I put them on hold! I found this really cool book Sew Serendipity. It comes with 3 patterns and 18 different ways to use them. I have always eyed things and never used patterns before, so it was a little frustrating because I ended up making the skirt way too big, then I left it for 2 months until I picked it up again. I wasn't so sure how I'd like it with 3different crazy patterns but I love it now!


Jennifer Rose said...

Very cute! I like the contrasting fabric designs.
I try to eyeball things too, but things never turn out the way I think they will. I still have fabric for 2 dresses for Sarah that I started a year ago, and haven't finished them. Oh well.
You did a great job!

Spring and Mark said...

very cute jenette! i put things away too when its not going my way!