Not Hapy with Melissa and Doug - No Train Set After All

So I did win the train set and after not receiving it after 3 weeks I noticed the blog host had announced another winner without telling me! So I emailed her and asked if I did something wrong. She told me Melissa and Doug had asked her to pick a new winner as I had won a train set before. What? No I didn't! She said she was going to write Melissa and Doug as I never won a train set before and I clearly won this one. And haven't heard anything from either!! Sad! I do like Melissa and Doug product but is this how their PR runs things? That just made their ratings go down for me! I was planning on giving this to my little guy for his 3rd birthday in February. I even freecycled all his old trains thinking he had nicer ones coming. Would have been nice if someone would have had the courtesy to me!


SusieQTpies said...

Darn that stinks! I had that happen with a winner on my blog but with something different. Apparently she had won one on another blog and won on mine as well. I submitted her name but they just chose to never send it or even tell me to pick a new person. This lady was mad and she won fair and square. THe PR company needs to take care of this if they don't submit a disclaimer that you can only win once. I only know of one group that states this.
Very sad. Sorry you don't get the train. I wish I had one to send your little guy.
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Johnny and Jenette said...

Thanks SusieQtpies we actually found a nice Critco trainset at Traget on cleareance so all is well and good.

Celeste said...

That stinks!