Chore Chart

For a couple months I contemplated a chore chart idea for my toddler. I came across so many cute things on others blogs but I have so many projects going right now and really needed to get this done so I made this temporary chore chart. I simply printed images on card stock, put them on contact paper and put a magnet on the back. I also put magnets on the envelope so when he does his chores he can put them in there. He likes it a lot. It's a little funny, my sister when here this summer told him the story of Cinderella. So when I made the chore chart he got really excited and said "I want to do my chores just like Cinderella." What a cutie! He has been really good at helping out.

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Johnny said...

Robby loves his chore chart! That was a great idea Jenette. Robby is lucky to have you for a mom.