Coupon Ideas

With my husband being in grad school we try to spend our money wisely and use coupons were we can. I saw on ebay that a lot of people clip coupons and auction them off. So I had to try it. I got 100 grocery coupons for $1.12 including shipping. Normally I buy off brand stuff but it actually turned out to be a good deal getting these coupons. Just be smart about it and use your coupons when things are on sale. I got a four pack of yogoyogurt for 50 cents! It was on sale for 1.50 and I had a 1 coupon! That's cheaper than buying off brand!

This morning I was listening to the news and they were talking about Groupon.com. It's a site that does a daily deal coupon in most major cities. They have some neat things on there like $40 for an hour massage or $35 for a teeth cleaning! Check it out here.

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OvenDelights said...

I tried coupons for a while, but didn't work for me. Maybe their something I'm doing wrong. I think I'm going to give it another shot! Thanks for sharing!