Toddler Activites

I try to help Robby learn new things all the time. We do lots of flashcards, books, games etc. But sometimes I'm not so creative, so I was blog searching and came across this really cool site called The Home Teacher. She has lots of great hands on activities to help your toddler learn. Check it out www.thehometeacher.blogspot.com


Jennifer Rose said...

That site looks great. I've never used flashcards for colors or anything, I just point out the color of the toys they're playing with, or the clothes they're wearing, and read to them. They all learn their colors on their own by the time their 3 without any drilling. And reading to them seems to have worked also since my 2 oldest are going to a gifted academy, and Kaitlyn will most likely be accepted next year. Robby is so smart he figures stuff out on his own anyway. :) You're doing a great job mom!

Johnny and Jenette said...

We've used flashcard with Robby just after he turned 1. Just little things like dog, cat etc. I think it really helped him a lot to recoginize things and learn more words. He associates thinks like his daddy does.