Princess Cake

This cake was really fun for me to make. I don't get a chance to make super girly cakes, having two boys in the house. This was for a sister at my church that won my ticket for a decorated cake at a service auction we had. She has twin girls turning three and a son turning one tomorrow. She wanted me to make the girls cake. She told me they like pink and purple, My Little Pony and Disney Princesses, and that I could do whatever I wanted. So I made a white cake with sprinkles and buttercream frosting with the purple things on top being gum paste. The princesses are laminated and stuck on with frosting. I hate completely wasting things so I made an extra copy of the princesses and laminated them, so they can have a little memory game. She was very thrilled with the cake when I delivered it.


Mary said...

WOW! That looks awesome! way to go!

Jennifer Rose said...

Hey, I recognize those castle top walls! I actually realized after I made Kaitlyn's castle cake, that if I wanted to save time, I could've made the top with mini colored marshmallows instead of the fondant squares. Anyway, it looks awesome. If you don't make yourself some business cards I will! :)

Celeste said...

The cake turned out awesome!!