Wedding Cake

We got married in December 2006 and had a winter wonderland type theme. This was our cake. I remember just loving this cake! She did a great job!

This is my mini version of it. I though it would be fun to try. I would have waited and done it for our anniversary, as we only got one piece of our wedding cake, but we won't be here and I don't think I'll have room to take much cake stuff with me. So it's a winter wedding anniversary cake in September!


Pollyanna said...

Hi - stopping in from SITS!

Your cakes are beautiful - you're so talented. I specialize in the Duncan Hines variety so they don't come out quite as pretty.

Kaibee said...

You are a genius in cake making!!! :)

Mamatkamal,Nassim,Anwar said...

Beautiful cake! Bravo
May I ask, if you don't mind, what are those little shining balls on the cake? Thanks.

Jenette said...

The clear dots are just piping gel. They were on our original cake and that's the closed thing I could think that she would have used.