Service Auction

For enrichment we decided we wanted to to a service auction. It turned out to be so much fun!! I was worried that there wouldn't be much stuff to auction off so I made four things. A baby blanket that I just quickly sewed with the machine and tied it. A baby crinkle toy that I found at Joy's Hope. A nursing bracelet and a coupon for one decorated cake. There turned out to be a good amount of stuff to auction off. I'm exited for the cake, the sister that won that has twin girls and she wants me to make their birthday cake in October.

I just thought this was cute. When ever Robby see's a blanket he has to cuddle with it and say "night night."


Jennifer Rose said...

How much would you charge for one trip to Georgia and a cake?

Melissa M. said...

Jenette - I missed the service activity (out of town). It sounded fun I should have been more prepared and donated something though. Next time. :) Thanks for sharing the crinkle toy tutorial - I'm going to try that one. Hope you are having a great day!!