Dog Ball

My son turned 18 months today. I can't believe it! So in honor of his half birthday I thought, why not make a cake? Basketball and dogs are his two favorite things. He talks about them all day long. Everything round our semi round is a basketball. So this cake was a lot of fun for me to make.

I used Toba Garrett's fondant recipe. I made the basketball hoop and dog a few days ahead and added a little gum tex to help it keep it's shape. I did find a tutorial on how to make the dog from you tube. Click here if you want to see it. I sponge painted the top of the fondant with blue. Not sure if I liked it. I was able to get most of it done during Robby's nap. The only thing I had left was the stripes on the basketballs which I rushed though and not happy about.

I tried to hide the cake in my room so he wouldn't see it but he did walk in when I was trying to put laundry away. He got excited and kept saying "basketball." But he was still really excited when we brought it out for him. And seeing that cute smile on his face is why I love decorating cakes!


Kaibee said...

Nice one Jannet!

Jaime said...

Hi Jenette,
This is Jaime over at The Dress-up Drawer and you are a WINNER!
Please visit our blog and contact me with your info.

P.S. Love your cakes!!

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

wow this looks great!! youre so talented

Ayanna said...

the cake was absolutely adorable! ur kid is really lucky!!! :D