Rosette Cake

I had some extra frosting so I wanted to practice more. I only did a crumb layer around the cake, as it would have tons of frosting on the top. My husband wanted to try it too, he did pretty good. I did the reverse shell on the bottom but I kept forgetting which way to go next. I just started class II and we are done with the butter cream frosting, next we will be using the royal icing and color flow. I'm excited!


Johnny and Jenette said...


Jennifer Rose said...

Wow. You're way more patient than me. I wish I could do take the time to do that. I'll just have you come down for birthdays and make us some cakes.
Oh, and I really like the quote by Pres. Uchtdorf

J.J. said...

oooooh! I love that! I make the cakes for the kiddos...and I love creative cake-y stuff!!!!! Cool!